9.16.2021 – Do Witches Spin Human Hair?

Waxing Gibbous at 78% in Capricorn ♑.

The Full Moon grows ever closer.

While showering this evening I scrubbed my scalp with my fingertips, and as my fingers glided through my hair they began to catch the loose strays. I rolled the stray strands in my palms and thought.

Can you spin human hair?

I know of the long-time tradition of making hair art of a loved one; but as far as I know, that is not spinning, more arranging. So, of course, I sated my curiosity and searched just that, “Can you spin human hair?”I found it not too surprising, yes, you can. Although, It is not recommended without being mixed with a more suitable animal hair.

I imagine something made from human hair would be incredibly irritating. It is a fascinating thought spinning your hair, or perhaps another’s hair into a clothing item, a piece of art, or, perhaps a charm. I then thought this is actually a type of ancient magic. This has occult written all over it, my little witch fingers darken with sin. (Just Joking) In all seriousness though, you can defiantly do some highly personalized magic with hair. Adding a spinning and chanting element would further imbue your spell work. I imagine a very powerful hypnotic magic.

Have I finally found a use for my thinning hair? Maybe I should start collecting it before it ends up in the drain. (That’s a thing a stable person would do, collect hair) I am curious to actually try spinning some.

What a conundrum. To collect enough of my hair in a jar to spin a satisfactory cord, and defiantly gather suspicion. Or to never have known what it would be like and appear to be right with the world?

The answer is always doing the thing that sounds fun, (with in reason of course) and to hell with what others think about your eccentricities.

If you are interested in hair art here is a good overview article on the history of hair art.

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